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Portland, OR

type: remodel

status: unbuilt

The delightful challenge of this project was to comfortably fit multiple functions within a small 450 square foot shell.  The bathroom, entry hall, laundry, and closet were all existing features of the condo.  The list of functions desired by the musician client was long for the remaining 330 square feet-sleeping space; a dining table to seat 4-5 people; living space; guest sleeping; a small office; functional kitchen; and a sound proof room for recording without noise bleed from the busy street below or playing drums without annoying the neighbors.  The solution was to create convertible, yet clearly defined and interesting spaces.

The dining table would rarely be used and never at the same time as sleeping, hence, a convertible dining table/murphy bed unit was designed to allow those living functions to occur in the same floor space at different times.  The built in unit also added storage with drawers and pull out bed side tables.  A small kitchen island/bar separates the kitchen from the dining/sleeping space, provides needed countertop, and a place for everyday eating.  The soundproof studio, a tall narrow book shelf, and a pocket door separate the living space.  A privacy curtain and pocket door can be closed when privacy is desired while guests are sleeping on the sofa bed. When open, daylight reaches the back of the condo.  The living space and office nook are pushed to the front to enjoy the daylight and views of Portland through the window wall.

Because storage is always an issue in smaller spaces, kitchen cabinets are built all the way the ceiling and additional storage is provided above the soundproof studio.

Finishes are simple and light to make the condo feel more spacious.  Most of the walls are pure white, the floors are raw concrete, the countertops are stainless steel, and kitchen cabinets pure white with a splash of red color on the backsplash and pocket door.  The darker stained wood built-ins, desk, shelves, and furniture pieces provide contrast.  A large bamboo forest wall mural adds a striking green color to the living space and creates an illusion of depth.


Notable sustainable features:

-energy star appliances

-low flow faucets

-dual flush toilet

-no v.o.c paints

-wheat board cabinets




Design: Matthew O. Daby- M.O.Daby Design

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