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Baja Surf

El Pescadero, Mexico

type: custom home

status: built

This vacation home, designed for a surfing couple, is the fusion of feng shui principles, modern living, and Balanize aesthetics.  The clients wanted a house that was fun for them and friends while on surfing trips to the southern tip of Baja California Sur.

The home’s design pays careful attention to feng shui principles while taking advantage of the site’s features.

Turning its back on the idea of interior hallway spaces, instead a series of structures are connected with a roof deck, perimeter walls and screens to allow interaction with the outdoors, frame unexpected scenes and create a unique experience for guests.  The master suite is located on the second level to allow the owners interesting views of the surrounding landscape, and to survey their complex.  An open floor plan in the main living structure with strong connection to the gardens and a second floor roof deck create generous spaces for parties between riding waves.  The third story roof deck was a request of the clients to study the surf before making the quarter mile hike west to the Pacific Ocean.  The house has no central conditioning system, so wood stoves and fireplaces are provided for the few colder nights.  Openings are located for cross ventilation.

Shading hip roof forms, stucco walls, and pergolas speak to the Balanize style desired by the clients while respecting the local vernacular of the region.  The radial perimeter garden walls unify the complex and create a sense of security.

Tridipanel was chosen for the construction of the walls and roof.  The panels, a system of steel wire mesh, and expanded polystyrene are assembled on site and a finish skin of “shotcrete” is applied to the interior and exterior surfaces.  The final envelope is superior in hurricane wind resistance, earthquake resistance, thermal performance, and insect protection.  The house is also build a few feet above a raised grade “platform” to provide additional protection from flooding during the rainy season.


Notable sustainable features:

-Tridipanel walls and roof.

-no central conditioning system.

-durable stained concrete floors.


Design: Matthew O. Daby- M.O.Daby Design

Construction: Pescadero Unlimited.

Construction drawings:  Luis Lozolla, Desert Winds Corp.

Walls and roofs:  Tridipanel

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