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status: design

The 50/10 houses were created in collaboration with Cellar Ridge Construction as speculative designs.  They are designed to be built 50% more energy efficient than the standard building code at only a 10% increase in construction cost.


Rather than fixed plans and styles, we applied a flexible system approach to the speculative house plan. By designing two series of floor plans with options, the homeowner is allowed the freedom to adjust the program and spaces based on their needs and budget. They can also then choose their desired architectural style to fit any of the floor plans. Each style is compatible with all of the floor plan options.


The 50/10 houses seek to find a balance between customization and pre-designed plans; affordability and sustainability.


Notable sustainable features:

  • raised heel roof trusses w/ r-60 insulation

  • heat recovery ventilator (h.r.v.)

  • compact fluorescent or l.e.d. lighting

  • no v.o.c interior paint finish

  • no added urea-formaldehyde trim

  • low flow fixtures and dual flush toilets

  • natural wool carpeting

  • air sealing at framing gaps and cracks

  • thermally broken 8” thick wall system: double 2x4 framing w/ staggered studs and 1” thermal break w/ r-30 insulation

  • energy star rated appliances

  • bamboo flooring

  • open web floor trusses w/ r-38 insulation

  • roof oriented for solar panel application

  • overhanging eaves designed for weather protection and to shade summer sun

  • windows oriented for solar gain, daylight, and views

  • durable, low maintenance cladding

  • rainscreen and housewrap

  • high efficiency mini-split heat pump

  • high efficiency water heater



Design: Matthew O. Daby - M.O.Daby Design




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